Hate car-buying? Do it the VIP way.

Hate car-buying? Do it the VIP way.

We bring the dealership to you

Buy a car online. We deliver!

Wouldn’t it be great if you could buy a car from your couch — as fast & easy as ordering a pizza? At Bob Ruth Ford, you can. Our VIP experience provides everything you need to buy a car remotely, within Pennsylvania & nationwide. It’s car-buying for everyone who hates car-buying.

Get the real deal

We don’t play games. Any information you want, we’ll provide it. We’ll provide you with payment options … how much credit you qualify for … what your interest rate will be … all remotely.

Do it all from home

Pick out a car online. We’ll bring it to your house (w/in 25 miles) for a free test-drive. Ready to buy? Just complete your paperwork online and schedule your vehicle for pickup or delivery. If you prefer to pick it up, we’ll have you in & out in less than 30 minutes — guaranteed. That’s the VIP way!

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